Screening Log #50: Immortals (2011)

Written by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides Directed by Tarsem Singh Starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, and Frieda Pinto       There is a balance to be struck in how a narrative may unfold itself in film. Some directors take a visual approach, favoring strategies that lean more on striking images and scenes to unfold … Continue reading

Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010): Futurism and the Ever-Expanding American Frontier

In the afterglow of Thor and the early dawn of Captain America I take some time to think about Marvel’s first Avenger (in terms of production schedule) and how he relates to America.

The Expendables (2010): A Revolutionary Time Machine Fueled by Napalm and Biceps

Sylvester Stallone creates an action film with a strange penchant for introspection, a strange sort of post-modern escapist dismemberment carnival leaning back towards the 80’s on the shoulders of once-giants.