Screening Log #29: Bob le Flambeur (1956)

Written by Auguste Le Breton and Jena-Pierre Melville Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville Starring Roger Duchesne, Isabelle Corey, Daniel Cauchy, and Guy Decomble       There is a version of Jean-Pierre Melville in my head. I’m not sure how accurately this version of the man who I’ve created may be, but in my mind there’s … Continue reading

Screening Log #9: Vivre Sa Vie (1962)

Having returned to class and being handed the responsibility for a number of students for the first time I have had little time to watch films of late. Thankfully, I was afforded a break tonight and filled it with Jean-Luc Godard‘s Vivre Sa Vie. Having seen several of his other collaborations with Anna Karina and … Continue reading

Une Femme est Une Femme (1961): A Woman Is A Woman But Comedy Is Hardly Comic

Jean-Luc Godard utilizes the medium of cinema to illuminate the fabricated and artificial nature of Hollywood romance and comedy.