Screening Log #47: The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006)

Written by, and starring, Slavoj Žižek Directed Sophie Fiennes         Many of the films that I’ve been watching of late have contained, intentionally or not, some aspect that opens them for psychoanalytic interpretation. The connection between the cinema, the image, and the conscious perception of these elements by both the director and … Continue reading

Screening Log #45: Marwencol (2010)

Directed by Jeff Malmberg           To some extent we all create our own realities. By the nature of perception, the world that we apprehend is always mediated by our conscious mind to some extent; we never interact explicitly with a thing-in-itself, rather with the version of a thing that we have … Continue reading

Screening Log #41: Into the Abyss (2011)

Written and Directed by Werner Herzog           Capital punishment is something that I have never quite seen the point of. Beyond the moral and ethical reasons as to why it doesn’t make sense, the purported effects of it, whether they be financial (cutting the cost of funding a life sentence for … Continue reading

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010): Homo Cinematicus: Culture and the Abyss of Time

I am guided through my first foray into 3D films by the dulcet tones of Werner Herzog and his typically mesmerizing, if potentially problematic, brand of documentary film-making.

Stroszek (1977): A Nowhere Man in Wisconsin, or: the Perpetually Dancing Chicken

I celebrate Werner Herzog’s birthday with a (re)viewing of his equally absurd and insightful portrait of both Bruno S. and and society. Also, I’ve been told there’s a dancing chicken.