Screening Log #47: The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006)

Written by, and starring, Slavoj Žižek Directed Sophie Fiennes         Many of the films that I’ve been watching of late have contained, intentionally or not, some aspect that opens them for psychoanalytic interpretation. The connection between the cinema, the image, and the conscious perception of these elements by both the director and … Continue reading

Capsule Collection: Summer/Fall 2011 Viewing, < 2011 Part 1

Beginning to dig myself out of my screening log hole with the first batch of five capsule reviews for films I’ve seen since my last blog entry. First up are five films from prior to 2011.

Screening Log #11: Cleaning Out the Projection Room (part 2)

I finish cleaning out the backlog with tiny capsule blurbs about the films I’ve watched since my last blog post in November.