Capsule Collection: Summer/Fall 2011 Viewing, < 2011 Part 3

The final pre-2011 installment in my journey towards having an up-to-date arrives with much relief from me.


Screening Log #12: Cobra Verde (1987)

Written by Werner Herzog based on the novel by Bruce Chatwin Directed by Werner Herzog Starring Klaus Kinski, King Ampaw, José Lewgoy       The final film collaboration between Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski returns to many thematic and visual leitmotifs that accompany the peculiarly singular body of Herzog’s work. Herzog employs, in places, a … Continue reading

Screening Log #2: The Running Man (1987)

Ben Richards prepares to start running.

Paul Michael Glaser’s 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle The Running Man is a strangely prophetic animal of a film. The Sci-Fi premise is half The Most Dangerous Game and half reality show: in a dystopian – and far less distant 2017 – the world has collapsed due to shortages of food and oil and is run … Continue reading