Cinema Links

Here are a few links to sites I like to frequent for reviews, etc., concerning film. Nothing revelatory, just the usual suspects.

Roger Ebert.

– The irrepressible Mr. Ebert and his site: originator of the thumbs up, cultivator of a lovely blog and quite possibly insane about Twitter. An authoritative voice for anyone looking for a generous criticism of film rooted in uplift and love of the cinema.

Ebert Presents: At the Movies.

– The new show recently mounted by Ebert to resurrect his presence on the small screen. Though his voice is necessarily (and most sadly) absent from the show he is replaced admirably by Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky who do well to recapture some of the spirited – though slightly more polite – debate about film that Ebert shared with the late Gene Siskel.

Richard Roeper.

– Mr. Ebert’s once-upon-a-time right-hand man At the Movies. All of Roeper’s reviews come packaged in 2 minute film clips for the Starz network. As enthusiastic as one can be about film, his taste and reviews lean towards relevancy and value for the dollar of the cinema-goer.

Sounds, Images.

– The blog of Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, co-host of Ebert’s new show, Roger Ebert Presents: At the Movies. Vishnevetsky posts thoughts on films, short reviews, stills and peeks behind the curtain of At the Movies. He is thoughtful and articulate with a wonderful ability to articulate a technical sensitivity to composition and thematic concerns. Perhaps a young voice, but certainly a clear voice.

Not Coming Soon.

– A site dedicated to reviewing less commonly seen older and art house pictures. The reviews are considered and well-written, and their features on directors or series – i.e., Kubrick, Truffaut, Twin Peaks – are always full in-depth and informative. A wonderful site. They also have a great October tradition of reviewing horror films.

Rotten Tomatoes.

– The great aggregator of movie consensus. Boils down any number of reviews from accredited reviewers from newspapers, websites, etc., into a handy percentile grade for a film. Best used as a discriminating tool for fishing out reviewers with whom you share a common taste for cinema.

Ruthless Reviews.

– A sometimes brutally cynical, but always insightful, group of people who review film from a (usually) contrarian perspective. While the reviews can be vulgar and plant their tongues firmly in cheek there is often a quite incisive point to be gleaned from their pieces.

The Criterion Contraption.

– A man takes on the deliciously Sisyphean task of reviewing the entire Criterion Collection. The reviews he produces are thoughtful and insightful, replete with many gorgeous stills to aid his observations and arguments. Not limited to merely Criterion releases this blog is wonderful for anyone looking to read a serious engagement with film.

Slant Magazine.

– A site dedicated to film, music, and, television. A diverse range of coverage of all of these things with clear, articulate reviews and an interesting, left-of-centre, taste in all three areas. They also are always having giveaways for DVDs that I enter and never manage to win.

The Quietus.

– Another website with coverage of music and film, equally. Based in the UK this site boasts in-depth features about filmmakers and musicians alike having featured everyone from Alan Moore to Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Box Office Mojo.

– The go-to site for information about the financial side of the film industry. If you’re curious about the budget of a film or its financial profitability – say, you’re curious about how big a bomb Waterworld really was – this is the place you should probably be able to sate your curiousity.

Video ETA.

– A site with a fantastically detailed listing for the release schedule of films to Blu-Ray and DVD; if you’re curious as to when a movie will be released, you should be able to find it here if it’s been announced.

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