Auto Ben-ography

Poet, cinephile, and avid ambulator currently living in Vancouver, Canada, where I am currently working toward a PhD in English literature.

I love films by directors such as Herzog, Bergman, Kurosawa, Godard, Melville, Egoyan, Hitchcock, Truffaut, Fellini, Solondz, Kubrick, Almodovar, Haneke, Cassavetes, Bahrani, Nolan, Spike Lee, Woody Allen, Renais, Cronenberg, Tarantino, Chan Wook Park, Lang and the list goes on and on. Generally have an appreciation for all types of film, but have a particularly soft spot for horror films, cheesy or otherwise. Trying to work my way through some classics and will (hopefully) continue to update the blog as I watch new films.





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