As You May Have Guessed: Blog Is On Hiatus

If it isn’t entirely apparent from the lack of new content, I haven’t been keeping up on this blog. That is not to say that my film watching has ceased, I just became over-burdened by the pressure I was putting on myself in keeping this thing going. At heart I am over-verbose, to put it politely, and given the yawning space of my own blog to fill with thoughts about the movies I would watch, I could not help myself but to go on. I was compelled. I tried putting a word limit on the posts, tried differentiating between categories of engagements, but none of it worked. My desire to write at length about the things I was watching came into direct opposition with both my ability and motivation to do so. The prospect of having to dedicate a few hours to write a blog entry became too much a detriment to my academic work, and so, at the twinned prospects of obligation and time use, I ceased watching film for long stretches.

If this situation wasn’t currently tenable, something had to break and it was my attentiveness to this blog. Since beginning my PhD work last fall my time has become even more slim, my attention placed under even more duress. But I persisted in loving film and engaging with it. So, what to do?

Thankfully, I came across a site that would allow me to log my film watching, and to review and rate each film. The constraints f the site provided me more solid boundaries to write within, so I could more easily jot down some thoughts without making myself feel like I needed to generate anything more or less than a sketch. This site is Letterboxd. Should you, for any reason, feel inclined to keep up on what I have been watching  or are curious about what I may think about these things, you can find my page here. Given more time I’d like to compile my Letterboxd blurbs and deposit them here, but that time hasn’t yet emerged.

In any case, thanks for reading (or just hitting the blog for the images posted of the films). The site will remain active, as I’d like to keep access to what I’ve written open to myself. Hopefully when I am able to find a better work/pleasure balance in my life, I’ll begin writing posts here again. Until then, find me here:


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