A New Beginning

Having some free time lately – and staying inside in front of the fan to avoid the stifling heat and humidity – I noticed that it’s been nearly a year since my last proper blog post. Having started a LiveJournal in April of 2001 and having written in it, sometimes voraciously though mostly sparsely at the end, until June of 2009, to have gone a year without leaving some sort of finger-print on the internet seems… sort of odd.

The previous journal was mostly obliquely personal, lyrical, and fitfully poetic; it exists to this day as a sort of time capsule for a decade of life, the events and mind-frame that moved me along towards where I am now. It is a cherished relic and a gorgeously invaluable artifact. However, going forward with this journal I aim to make things a little less personal and focus more (relative use of the term “focus” being liberally applied here) on my thoughts following my viewings of certain films. I will try to provide some of my reaction to the films in question, maybe at times even longer pieces if I feel moved, as well as some stills that I thought particularly fetching from the film when I am able to capture them.

Hopefully by avoiding (for the most part) a focus on my own drabby uneventful personal life and focusing more on the beauty, poetry, art, and, sometimes blissfully cheesy horror, of film I can find a more consistent motivator towards keeping this blog happening and my creative juices flowing.

So here’s to a new blog and a new chapter for my voice. As James Woods’ Max Renn says in Videodrome, “Long live the new flesh!”

PS: For anyone interested in old news, the journal I mentioned is perusable here.

One Response to “A New Beginning”
  1. Patrick Allen says:

    Ahh well look at you! It’s nice to see that you’ve put this together, I look forward to reading what you post!

    I’ve been wanting to do this exact thing for a while now but haven’t made time, perhaps you will mtivate me to get my finger out.

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